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Konfidi is a trust framework that uses topical trust values from a social network of authenticated people. When you see a document (e.g email, webpage) from someone you do not know, but he/she is in the network, Konfidi will compute an inferred trust value for you.

Currently, the only authentication/identity system supported is OpenPGP. We hope to add OpenID, DKIM and SPF soon. The first (and motivating) application is to filter email. You'll be able to set your client to accept all email from trusted senders and rigorously filter anything else.


If Dave recieves an email from Clara, it will have a fairly high computed trust value (e.g. 0.8½×0.9½×0.7½=0.71) . An email from the spammer will not. Now imagine this network with everyone using it!



26 Jan 08 Konfidi plugin for SpamAssassin now available

27 Apr 07 New server releases, you can download here

2 Apr 07 First release of a PGP plugin for SpamAssassin

12 Mar 07 SWEO supports new FOAF Whitelisting project

07 Nov 06 Plans for Konfidi to use identity/authentication systems other than OpenPGP are underway (SPF and DKIM first). Lots of code and website changes yet to be done.

16 May 06 Hosting moved from to

15 Apr 06 1.0.0 releases: foafserver, trustserver, trustserver frontend, cli-filter client, and simple client

14 Apr 06 Konfidi to be presented at the MTW'06 Workshop, part of WWW2006

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