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These are some key differences I have noticed; far from complete.

NetMesh: LID

  • authentication + profile exchange + authenticated messaging + other features
  • Your URL as identifier (you must set up CGI scripts there)
  • public LID service in beta at http://mylid.net/
  • No central registry of URLs
  • Uses an open-ended list of vocabularies, e.g. VCARDS, FOAF
  • Manages identity (who can know what about you...)
    • Explicitly list which individuals and/or groups can see what
  • does use pgp
  • See also LID compared to other systems


  • primary use is to rank/rate webpages
  • centralized server (?)
  • does have trust rankings
  • tags (folksonomy-style) for topicality, used only as a tie-breaker
  • cryptographic security?


  • "trust" denoted by limited public key sharing (they use a proprietary format of keypairs)
  • applied to email only
  • email marked with an inline footer
  • seems that it runs locally and intercepts SMTP, IMAP, and POP connections
  • free only for non-commercial use