Server Setup Instructions

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These are the installation instructions for TrustServer 1.1.0 and the TrustServer Frontend 1.1.0






Python module

  • Download our "python_module" .tar.bz2 file. Extract it
  • Run:
python install
  • For more options, see
python --help
python --help-commands


  • Download our "trustserver" .tar.bz2 file. Extract it
  • copy trustserver.cfg-dist to trustserver.cfg
    • configure if you want, the defaults should be fine
  • Start the TrustServer process:
  • logs will be in the log/ folder
  • Download our "simple" client .tar.bz2 file. Extract it
  • Run something like this to load some RDF FOAF files into the trustserver
python localhost 60010 /var/lib/konfidi/foafs/*.rdf

TrustServer Frontend

  • Download our "frontend" .tar.bz2 file. Extract it
  • Put the "frontend" folder somewhere where Apache will serve it, or configure Apache to serve the directory at some URL
  • copy htaccess-dist to .htaccess
    • edit the file and see comment regarding the RewriteBase option; all other defaults should be fine
  • start Apache and try going to your frontend URL
  • if errors, check Apache's error_log and suexec_log (if you have that logfile)