Distributed Trust Algorithms

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Between people

Name Based on psych. research? Data model Concatenation of x -> y Multiple paths notes
Konfidi Multiplicative2 N [0,1] (x*y)½ maximum
TidalTrust N 1-10
MoleTrust N [0,1] (x*y) weighted avoid cycles, a couple cutoff thresholds
Advogato Uses Network Flow theory; has central root nodes
Patricia Victor's Y, starting to bilattice
OpenPGP N untrusted, marginal, full, ultimate

Between agents

Reputation is generally part of the algorithm

Valuation of Trust in Open Networks

Beth, Borcherding, Klein 1994

N [0,1) 1-(1-y)x average trust values intertwined with # of "good" or "bad" experiences with an entity. Pay attention to "recommendation trust"